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women looking for love and then basically discard the “rejects” who were already rejected on either “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette” and then bring in fresh contestants into the contest.If someone doesn’t believe at least a good portion of this nonsense is scripted, I have a bridge to sell you.Then she hopped up, whipped out a Bar Mitzvah-esque embarrassing photo of J. at age 13 and the whole family laughed in his face. Before heading to his house, he told Ashley he'd only ever brought one girl home to meet his mother and his sister. I'm going to feel even worse for you when you get sent home from Fiji in a couple of weeks.None of the other hometown dates were disastrous -- unfortunately for us, there weren't any taxidermy-filled rooms or trips to the mortuary this season -- but it seems all but a forgone conclusion at this point that Ashley will end up engaged to J. Sure, Ben, the winemaker from Sonoma, is putting up a good fight. "It needs to work, otherwise, it just doesn't work for me," he said of the family dynamic. Luckily for Ashley, the other ladies in Ben's life seemed OK with her -- and his mom even told Ben that his late father was probably looking down on him and thinking "well done." The moment stirred a bunch of emotions for Ben, who apologized to his mom for not being a better son when the death occurred. This week, my pity was reserved for Ames, who is clearly still suffering from the concussion he got back in Asia.Who’s the only outspoken, most talked about girl from Brad’s season that lives in Salt Lake City?If you are old enough to remember “The Dating Game” created by genius Chuck Barris, three unseen bachelors contestants would answer questions and one would be chosen to accompany the lady on a chaperoned date.I tried to keep it as short as I could and didn’t bother with some details of 1-on-1’s since all that really matters, to me at least, is whether or not they got a rose.

) "I am smitten by your son," Ashley assured Ilene. "That is a very nice thing to hear," Ilene said, sounding like the truest of Jewish mothers. But I think he's endearingly straightforward, even when that might not be the best tactic to play.Ashley says she was told this by a former “Bachelor” cast member who is friends with Bentley’s ex wife.Bentley lives in Salt Lake City, so it’s not hard to figure out who the person is who could’ve warned her about him.This information could come to me at any minute, but frankly, I’m tired of waiting.

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So as long as you’re following me on Twitter or Facebook, you will be notified immediately when I have the final four breakdown.The bride’s lineage isn’t too shabby either: She is descended from a line of Italian princes who became publishing magnates in the 20th century; her aunt is Marella Agnelli, her relatives include aristocratic Italian film producers, and she’s the heiress to a pharmaceutical fortune.

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