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Only the small Spanish Creole communities of Saint Bernard Parish and Galveztown spoke Spanish.

(Since the mid-twentieth century, the number of Spanish-speaking Creoles has declined in favor of English speakers, and few people under 80 years old speak Spanish.) They have maintained cultural traditions from the Canary Islands, where their ancestors came from, to the present.

Here, in Louisiana, history and lore don't merely live in books on a shelf; they're reflected in our everyday lives.

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A few hundred exiled Acadians arrived in the Spanish colony during the 1750s.

The semi-tropical climate was harsh and many Acadians died from diseases such as malaria.

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Our past is well-preserved in our architecture, music, food and lifestyles—which include our amazing festivals—and of course in our museums of history and fine arts.During the war the Acadians were exiled from the land they'd occupied for over a century, a process known as the Great Disturbance.

Those living closest to the shore harvested fish and other food from the sea, while (stone mounds that serve as altars, shrines, or security mounds), lava tube shelters, and parts of the Mamalohoa Trail (Kings trail).… continue reading »

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