High school dating and lesson plans

29-Apr-2016 20:24

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Each team is responsible for researching their topic, writing their own informational content, locating graphics and background images, and coding the material into HTML.

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Easy to implement and potentially very useful Conversation Cards That Work(2007) A method to create conversation cards that really do encourage students to talk outside of class country speeches Students research and present countries around the world crossword fun A simple and effective activity using crossword puzzles to review vocabulary culture in the classroom A lesson plan to encourage students to think about culture while practicing English Culture Relay Race and Challenge Lesson plan introducing culture using an active activity and quiz Dating Game Whole class interview game based on finding a date Describing Food An active lesson to teach taste and food vocabulary descriptions and imagination An activity that allows students to come up with stories based on pictures directions Lesson plan to practice directions through a variety of worksheets directions tpr An activity to actively practice directions using TPR doctor, doctor An survey-style activity to practice medical vocabulary effective tt activities Two activities for team-teaching, one to practice grammar points and one to practice dictionary use emergency activities Three activities that require very little preparation. Students should pay particular attention to information that surprised them or that they did not know.