Updating quicktime

08-Jan-2017 22:19

If you can't wait for the author to update their webpage, you can restore the legacy Quick Time 7 web plug-in.Leaving legacy browser plug-ins disabled enhances the security of your Mac, so you should take these steps only if necessary.If your version of Quick Time doesn't include an "Update Existing Software" feature or if the new version isn't offered this way, you can install the new Quick Time version "over the top" of your current installation.This will automatically replace the old version with the new one.From there you complete the steps to purchase Quick Time Pro.Apple will then provide to you a Quick Time Pro registration code via email.This website provides full details of the files that Quick Time can play, together with reviews and details of where you can find product support. To install Quick Time on a Mac you should download the newest version of Quick Time Download (which at the time of writing is Quick Time Player 7 Version 7.6.6). Once the file has downloaded all you need to do is double click on the file which will be called, Quick Time Player7.6.6_Snow Leopard' and Quick Time will be automatically installed in your utilities folder.How to test Quick Time on Mac After you have installed Quick Time it is essential to test it to make sure that it has been installed correctly.

Troubleshooting Sometimes movie files cannot be played by Quick Time without additional software (even though Quick Time can open them).

They’re even still offering it for download on their website with no warning! Apple’s Quick Time for Mac is still supported with security updates. Quick Time for Windows is vulnerable to two security attacks that would allow an attacker to run code on your computer if you visited a web page or played a downloaded file.

It’s particularly exploitable thanks to its browser plug-in.

Starting in Windows Vista, Quick Time preferences no longer include configurable MIME settings for the browser plugin; only file extensions associated with the Quick Time application can be changed.

[1] [2] As an alternative, you can prevent downloaded files from opening in the Quick Time plugin by changing your (Helper) Application settings (see File types and download actions for details).

Quick Time for Windows has dangerous security vulnerabilities that let attackers take over your computer, but Apple won’t be updating it to fix them. Annoyingly, Apple only announced this in a statement to Trend Micro.