Updating spreadsheets

10-Oct-2016 15:24

This way, we can keep an up to date sheet of attendee contact information in a Google Sheet and track who is attending the event.After setting up the trigger step, you’ll want to add a new step for Google Sheets and choose the "Lookup Spreadsheet Row,” action.I should note that this function is available in newer versions of Excel as well, though it operates slightly differently. Well, the sky is the limit here, but a few reasons to import data in this way are: In the first in our how to series, we take a quick look at importing live data from the web into a Google Drive Spreadsheet.This is a function that is also available in the most current edition of Microsoft Excel.Many government and international organisations have websites full of data.And while a lot of it is locked away in PDFs (don't worry -- that's a how to we've got coming up!However, the new Office Open XML standard is so new there are precious few good code samples.This Codeplex project aims to correct the situation by providing a flexible set of open source class libraries that you can use to create Excel spreadsheets on the server.

Field names will be written to the first line of the file.

Updating a row will not work without adding this step first unless you plan on updating the exact same row every time the trigger fires. The first step here is to create a Zap and select your trigger app.

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