Xna particle system not updating position

01-Nov-2016 11:44

This particle shot is updated via the world position, I have translated everything correctly in terms of the world position when the collisions are checked.The crux of the problem is that the collisions only work once the screen is static, whilst the camera is moving to follow the player, the collisions are offset and are hitting blocks that are no longer there.

A particle system is a piece of software used to control the movement, behavior, and visualization of many particles, where a particle is typically represented on screen as a texture (i.e. When the particles are percieved as a whole they appear to be a single object.The particle's position only needs to be translated to screen coords by the rendering logic.I haven't read the book you mentioned, but I'll also assume that camera translations are being passed as a matrix as part of a call to .Your post is far too vague to get a meaningful answer.

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What exactly don't you get about particle systems?A particle system is something which can be used to make smoke, explosions, contrails, steam, and other kinds of "cloudy" or "sparkly" effects.